• Corporate Marketing

    What business isn’t looking for a better way to promote their products and services? If your business needs a unique way to make your products and services more visible, what better way then with a custom wristband with a message?
  • Business Promotions

    Promote any type business activity earth and by customizing wristbands with a message to help people remember the occasion.
  • School Events

    Graduation, cheerleading, band, is one, any type school event or activity can use the custom wristbands to raise money or show support for your team or group.
  • Fund-Raising

    Wristbands with a Message silicone wristbands are an incredibly easy and great way to raise money for virtually any type of fundraising activity.
Special Pricing for Schools & Non Profit Discounts

Limited Offer Today!

*Free wristbands MUST be the same style, size, message, and color (including font and artwork). Additional shipping and handling fee applies. LIMITED OFFER.>

Wristbands with every order of 100 or more!*

Important Notice

Customers choosing the COLOR CREATIONS wristband style should be aware that on this particular style a special coating is applied to the outer layer of the wristband ("coat color). When the message is engraved the letters will appear as the inner color of the wristband ("core color"). Customers should be aware that with time and the wear of the wristband (showering, swimming, etc.), the special coating WILL wear off and the message will not be legible. The COLOR CREATIONS wristband style is designed to be an alternative to the COLOR FILLED wristband styled. If a customer needs a more permanent solution they should choose COLOR FILLED (minimum order 100 pcs.)

Important Notice

Regarding the 100 FREE If your orders qualifies for the 100 FREE the option will appear at the end of the checkout process before you finalize the checkout !
Embossed Wristbands does its best to maintain quality and consistency regarding colors. HOWEVER, due to the manufacturing process, the shade of the color WILL vary from piece to piece. The colors shown on our website are computer generated and may not reflect the actual shades.
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